THU, JUNE 2, 2022 • S1 E1471 • 26 MIN 43 SEC

Is A New-And-Improved Ebola Virus The Next Shoe To Fall? Researcher Jacob Joseph Gives Us The Facts

It's a mutation of the "old" Ebola virus, far more deadly and possibly airborne! And it's a legitimate threat: Big and Small Pharma are doubling and tripling down on vaccine production--for as many as 15-different variants. Jacob Joseph is a researcher and bio-science analyst. He presents us with facts gleaned from media sources, web sites, and press releases. And while no one can se the future, the signs all may be pointing to a future that has an Ebola outbreak in it. NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS NOT INTENDED TO GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE. YOU ARE DIRECTED TO CONSULT WITH A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL REGARDING YOUR QUESTIONS, AND ANY SYMPTOMS OR CONDITIONS YOU MAY HAVE. JACOB JOSEPH'S EBOLA WEBSITE:



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THU, JUNE 2, 2022


26 MIN 43 SEC